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15 Ways to Use Runes Every Day

    Learning the runes can be overwhelming! With 24 different symbols, each with different meanings and interpretations, it can take years to master the Elder Futhark.

    One of the best ways I’ve found is to use the runes every single day until they become as familiar to you as our own alphabet.

    To help you out, I’ve put together a list of 15 ways to use the runes every day. Some of these ideas are more traditional while others are a little outside the box. But every single one of these activities is a quick and simple way to bring you closer to the runes.

    1. Draw positive runes on your mirror in dry-erase marker or lipstick so you can see them every morning as you get ready.
    2. Draw a rune on a slip of paper and tuck it inside your shoe or pocket.
    3. Create the rune shapes with your body. Called runic stödhur or postures (from the book Futhark By Edred Thorrson) these runic movements help you to connect your entire body to the rune magic.
    4. Use your finger to trace a rune into the surface of your drink, charging it with the power of your chosen rune. Then focus on your intentions as you sip your drink.
    5. Use your rune stones or rune deck to choose a rune each morning to be your focus for the day.
    6. Find the runes in nature! Go for a walk and see which rune symbols appear to you. Algiz in the branches of trees, Dagaz in bridge suspension, Uruz in the shape of a building.
    7. Use a perfume roller or ritual oil to draw runes on your body.
    8. Use a piece of charcoal to draw protective runes inside your fireplace – the hearth of the home.
    9. Wear rune jewelry for a powerful reminder of your intentions that you can take with you all day.
    10. Choose a rune to set on your altar to enhance your meditations and rituals.
    11. Learn to write your name in runes.
    12. Trace runes into your garden dirt or houseplants to fill them with the intention of the symbol.
    13. Make your own set of runes to connect more deeply with your practice.
    14. Use nail polish to paint rune symbols into your manicure.
    15. Carve symbols into a candle then burn it during your rituals.

    Comment below and let me know which one is your favourite!

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