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Fehu: The Rune of Wealth and New Beginnings

    The Fehu Rune in red on the left over an image of a cow on the right.

    Runes, the ancient alphabet of the Germanic peoples, carry deep meanings and powerful symbolism. Each rune has its own story, representing various aspects of life, nature, and the cosmos. The first of the runes, Fehu is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and new beginnings.

    Below, I’ll explain the meaning of the Fehu rune, explore its implications in rune readings, discuss its use as a talisman, and give you some ideas for using Fehu in rituals to attract abundance and success.

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    Fehu Rune Meaning

    The Fehu rune (ᚠ) is the first symbol in the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet used by ancient Germanic tribes. Its shape is an upright line with two diagonal lines branching off to the upper left. Phonetically, it corresponds to the “F” sound.

    Fehu is traditionally associated with cattle. In ancient times, cattle were a primary measure of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, Fehu symbolizes material abundance, success, and the rewards of hard work.

    However, abundance goes beyond physical riches. Fehu embodies the fulfillment that comes from achieving your goals and the importance of maintaining a balance between acquiring and sharing wealth. It serves as a reminder that true prosperity only grows through circulation and generosity.

    Wealth brings the most happiness when it’s shared.

    Fehu in Rune Readings

    Upright Fehu

    When Fehu appears reversed, it serves as a warning. It may indicate potential loss, missed opportunities, or financial difficulties. This reversed position suggests the need for vigilance and careful planning to avoid pitfalls. It prompts reflection on your relationship with wealth and resources, encouraging you to identify areas where you may need to adjust your approach. Reversed Fehu advises caution and a reevaluation of your strategies to ensure that you do not overlook important details that could affect your success.

    Reversed Fehu

    When Fehu appears upright in a rune reading, it is a highly positive sign. It suggests upcoming success, new opportunities, and material gain. This rune indicates that your efforts are likely to be rewarded, and you are on the path to achieving your goals. It encourages you to embrace new beginnings and to be open to the flow of abundance into your life. Moreover, Fehu reminds you to maintain a balance between accumulating wealth and sharing it with others, ensuring a harmonious flow of prosperity.

    Using Fehu as a Talisman

    Fehu can also be used as a talisman to attract prosperity and success. You can make your own Fehu talisman or buy one from a craftsman. Check your local esoteric shop or look online for options like a Fehu pendant that can be worn every day or a rune stone that can be tucked into a pocket or purse.

    Once you have your talisman, you should consecrate it through a ritual to infuse it with your intention. You can use one of the rituals below or create your own. Abundance is not limited to money so make sure your mind is clearly focused on the area of your life where you would like Fehu to help you the most.

    Carry the talisman with you, place it in your wallet, at your workplace, or in your home to maximize its effectiveness. The talisman serves as a constant reminder of your goals and helps attract the energy of prosperity into your life.

    Rituals Involving Fehu

    Prosperity Ritual

    To invoke Fehu’s energy for attracting wealth, perform a simple prosperity ritual. Begin by lighting a green candle and placing the Fehu rune in front of it. Offerings such as coins, seeds, or a small bowl of grain can be placed around the rune.

    Focus on your intention for prosperity and chant an incantation, such as: “Fehu, bring forth abundance and wealth, let prosperity flow and nourish my path.” You can write your own incantation to be more personalized or specific to your financial goal.
    Visualize the energy of the rune infusing your life with riches and success.

    Carry the rune with you as a reminder, renewing the ritual as needed.

    New Beginnings Ritual

    For marking the start of a new venture or phase in life, incorporate Fehu into a new beginnings ritual. Meditate on the Fehu rune, focusing on the opportunities and potential ahead.

    Write down your goals and aspirations, then place the paper beneath the Fehu rune. Light a white candle to symbolize a fresh start and visualize your goals coming to fruition. Don’t just picture the end result, but imagine yourself accomplishing all of the steps that will get you there.

    Use this meditation and goal-setting practice to align your intentions with the energy of Fehu.

    Wealth Circulation Ritual

    To ensure the balanced flow of wealth and promote generosity, perform a wealth circulation ritual. Begin by lighting a green and gold candle. Place the Fehu rune between them.

    Reflect on the importance of sharing your blessings and how generosity can attract more abundance. Use a journal to jot down a list of things you’re grateful for and ways you plan on paying it forward. Make sure these actions are as detailed as possible. Rather than writing “donate to charity”, be specific and write “I will donate $100 to my local animal shelter by next month”.

    Sit with your eyes closed and visualize the flow of wealth circulating, enriching your life and the lives of others.

    Incorporate Fehu into daily practices of gratitude and sharing to reinforce this energy.

    Pairing Fehu with Other Runes

    Each rune carries its own unique meanings, and when combined thoughtfully, these energies can complement and reinforce one another. By using runes in conjunction, you can create more powerful and nuanced outcomes, tapping into a deeper well of wisdom and guidance from the ancient symbols.

    Below are some of my favorite rune pairings with Fehu:

    Fehu and Gebo - The Cycle of Give and Take

    Gebo, the rune of gifts and exchange, pairs harmoniously with Fehu to emphasize the importance of balance between giving and receiving. When used together, these runes highlight the interconnectedness of generosity and wealth. Fehu attracts prosperity, while Gebo ensures that this wealth is shared and exchanged, fostering a continuous cycle of abundance.

    This combination encourages you to not only seek personal gain but also to recognize the value of generosity and reciprocal relationships in sustaining prosperity.

    Fehu and Sowilo - A Recipe for Success

    Sowilo, the rune of the sun, symbolizes victory, success, and enlightenment. When paired with Fehu, it amplifies the energy of achievement and clarity. This powerful combination brings the warmth and vitality of the sun to your endeavors, ensuring that your path to prosperity is illuminated and your goals are met with success.

    Sowilo’s guidance helps you harness Fehu’s abundance effectively, providing the necessary insight and energy to achieve your ambitions and overcome obstacles with confidence.

    Other Runes to Pair with Fehu

    • Wunjo: The rune of joy and harmony, Wunjo can be paired with Fehu to ensure that the wealth and success you attract also bring happiness and contentment. This combination fosters a sense of well-being and fulfillment in your achievements.
    • Jera: Symbolizing cycles and harvest, Jera complements Fehu by emphasizing the importance of timing and patience. Together, they highlight the rewards of hard work and the natural cycles of growth and reaping the benefits.
    • Ehwaz: The rune of partnership and progress, Ehwaz enhances Fehu’s energy by promoting cooperation and teamwork. This pairing encourages you to work harmoniously with others to achieve mutual prosperity and success.

    Fehu is a powerful rune that symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and new beginnings. Its multifaceted meanings remind us of the importance of hard work, generosity, and maintaining a balanced relationship with wealth. Whether used in rune readings, as a talisman, or in rituals, Fehu offers guidance and support in attracting abundance and achieving our goals. Embrace the lessons of Fehu and let its energy flow into your life, bringing prosperity and fulfillment.

    Personally, working with Fehu has brought a sense of optimism and clarity to my financial planning. Others have shared stories of unexpected job offers and successful new ventures after incorporating Fehu into their lives. The energy of Fehu seems to clear the path for new beginnings and prosperity.

    I would love it if you shared your experiences with Fehu in the comments so we can start a discussion!

    If you enjoyed learning about Fehu, check out the blog for more rune-related content. Stay tuned for upcoming posts exploring other runes and their uses.

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