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How to Use the Runes

    Runes are a powerful tool for unlocking the mysteries of the universe, and for connecting with the divine energy that exists within us all.

    Here I will explore the ways you can integrate rune magic into your everyday life. Runes can be used for divination, as a form of protection, and as a tool for personal transformation.

    If you don’t know what runes are… start here.

    My three favourite ways to use runes

    The runes are much more than just a tool for divination. They can be an incredibly powerful source of enrichment for your life, providing comfort and strength in an uncertain world.

    Runes can be worn as talismans or amulets to draw positive energy and protection into your life, as well as providing a closer connection to the meaning of each symbol.

    Runes can also be used as a focus during meditation, allowing you to gain insight and clarity into your deeper self.

    Rune Rituals

    Runes can be a potent source of energy and insight when incorporated into your rituals and meditations.

    Mindfully choose one or multiple runes that reflect the purpose of your ritual and use them in combination with other ritual tools to further amplify the intention of your practice.

    Learn the rune meanings.

    Runes are ancient symbols that carry deep meaning and are believed to be imbued with special powers. By selecting the right runes, you can strengthen the energy of your ritual and create a powerful experience.

    Rituals can be as complicated or as simple as you like, the most important part is that your intention remains clear.

    Rune Talismans

    Carrying a rune as a talisman or amulet can act as a reminder of your intentions and bring you a sense of peace and clarity throughout the day. The power of the rune will be with you, increasing your motivation and focus, and allowing you to draw on its energy whenever you need it.

    Take the time to select a rune that truly resonates with your inner purpose. For an even more powerful influence, why not choose two or more runes and wear them together? Discover how their combined energies can help you to reach your goals and manifest your deepest dreams.

    Learn the rune meanings.

    Always keep the rune talisman with you – wear it as a pendant on a chain or keep it in your pocket. The closer it is to you, the better. Let its power be a constant companion, no matter where you go.

    By carrying it with you, you can use the meaning of the rune as a source of guidance and strength, leading you towards your desires.

    Rune Readings and Divination

    Reading the runes is a form of divination similar to tarot reading. It involves laying out rune stones inscribed with symbols to interpret their meanings and position in the spread.

    These rune stones can be made by hand, purchased from a shop, or even found in nature.

    After being placed in a bag and shaken up to mix them, the stones are drawn out one at a time and placed in the spread.

    It takes time and practice to become skilled at reading the runes, but the effort is worth it – the understanding gained from this ancient practice can be deeply insightful and transformative.

    What’s your favourite way to connect with the runes? Drop a comment below.

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