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The Magic of Bind Runes

    As you progress in your journey of learning the runes, you may find that there are some symbols that don’t appear in the runic alphabets. They look like rune symbols, the shapes seem familiar, but they’re not quite the same.

    You’ve probably stumbled upon a bind rune. A bind rune is created by combining two or more runes, each with its own meaning and energy, to create a symbol that represents a specific intention or desire. When used correctly, bind runes can be a powerful tool for manifestation and personal growth.

    In this blog post, I’ll explain the different structures of bind runes and give you step-by-step instructions for creating your own personal sigils. I’ll also provide tips for using bind runes so you can reap the benefits of these powerful symbols. Join me as I unlock the ancient power of bind runes and embrace their transformative potential.

    What is a Bind Rune?

    A bind rune is like a magical amalgamation – two or more runes intertwined to create a powerful symbol of strength and purpose. These symbols are said to draw on the collective power of the runes, amplifying their individual meanings for a more potent effect. Wielded with intention, bind runes can be a powerful tool for manifesting your desires.

    Though commonly associated with the Viking period, bind runes were rarely seen during this time, with the exception of signatures on hand carved pieces. In reality, archaeological findings suggest that bind runes were more commonly used in the eras that preceded and followed the Viking age.

    As an increasing number of people turn to runes for spiritual guidance and protection, bind runes have re-emerged as a powerful way to create personalized symbols for luck, health, and protection.

    3 Bind Rune Forms

    Bind runes are unique symbols composed of several runes arranged according to one of the three structures explained below. Each bind rune is as distinct and individual as a fingerprint, and holds special meaning and power for the person who created it.

    Image of the Kylver stone showing a string of runes followed by a stacked bindrune.
    Image of the Kylver stone showing a string of runes followed by a stacked bindrune. Source: Wikipiedia.

    Stacked Bind Runes

    Stacked bind runes are a combination of two (or sometimes three) runes stacked on top of one another along a shared axis.

    One of the most well-known examples is the Bluetooth logo, which is a combination of the Younger Futhark runes for H and B for ‘Harald Bluetooth’.

    The earliest known example of a stacked bind rune can be found on the Kylver stone, a Swedish runestone from around 400 AD. On this stone is the Futhark alphabet followed by a “spruce- or tree-like rune, with six twigs to the left and eight to the right of a single stave”. This is believed to be a combination of either six Tiwaz and four Ansuz runes, invoking Tyr and the Æsir for protection, or one Tiwaz rune.

    Photo of a rune stone showing a line drawing of a boat with the mast made of runes.
    Example of same-stave bindrune as the mast of a boat. Source: Wikipedia

    Same-Stave Bind Runes

    Same-stave bind runes combine runes along a single line to create a meaningful message. This could be used to spell out a word or the runes could be chosen for their meaning according to the purpose of the bind rune.

    They were sometimes found on runestones, as a way to mark the name of a person or place.

    Scan of a page from a manuscript that shows drawings of radial bindrunes or Icelandic Magic Staves
    Examples of Radial Staves or Galdrastafir scanned from an Icelandic Grimoire

    Radial Bind Runes

    In a radial bind rune, each rune is arranged at the end of a line radiating from a single central point, creating a unique and powerful symbol.

    Dating back to the 1600s, Icelandic Grimoires are home to the most extensive collection of these Galdrastafir (magic staves). From the Vegvisir to the Helm of Awe, these symbols have been used for centuries to invoke powerful magic and protection.

    Creating Your Own Personal Bind Rune

    Each rune has its own distinct meaning and energy, and when combined with other runes, the resulting bind rune becomes a concentrated symbol of intention and manifestation. The act of creating a bind rune also involves visualization and concentration, which further enhances its effectiveness.

    Bind runes work by tapping into the subconscious mind and the universal energy that surrounds us, allowing us to focus our intention and manifest our desires more effectively. To maximize the power of bind runes, it’s essential to choose the right runes for your intention and to infuse the symbol with your energy and intention during the creation process.

    Creating your own custom bind rune can be a powerful tool for manifestation and personal growth. Follow these steps to create your own unique bind rune:

    1. Determine your intention: What do you want to manifest or achieve? This could be anything from love and happiness to wealth and success.

    2. Choose your runes: Look for symbols that represent your intention and consider how the meaning of each may amplify or detract from the other symbols present.

    3. Combine the symbols: Once you’ve chosen your runes, combine them to create your bind rune. You can overlap them, stack them, or arrange them in any way that feels right to you. Keep drawing them out until you find one that resonates with your desired intention.

    4. Create your Talisman: Now that you’ve decided on your symbol, it’s time to create a symbolic object with your bind rune. You can draw it on paper or fabric, carve it into candles or stones, or even tattoo it on your body. As you create your talisman, make sure that you draw out each rune fully in turn, even if they have overlapping lines. Focus on the meaning of each as you add it to your symbol.

    5. Charge your bind rune: To activate your bind rune, you need to charge it with your intention. Take a moment to ground yourself, clear your mind, and focus on your objectives. Hold your talisman in your hands and visualize your intention as if it has already manifested. You can also speak your intention out loud or write it down and place it near your bind rune.

    Once you feel you have filled your talisman with the energy of your purpose, take a deep breath, and close out your ritual.

    Now your bindrune is complete and ready to use.

    Using Bind Runes

    After your talisman has been charged with your intentions (step 4 above), you can place your bind rune on an altar, carry it with you, or wear it as jewelry to keep it close to you at all times. The important thing is to have it somewhere where you can see it and connect with its energy often. Every time you see it, think about your objective and take a moment to refocus your energies.

    Remember to trust in the power of the bind rune and believe that it will bring your desired outcome. It’s important to note that manifestation takes time and patience, so don’t lose faith if you don’t see immediate results. Keep using your bind rune and stay open to the possibilities that may arise.

    It’s also important to remember that bind runes are not a quick fix or a substitute for hard work and effort towards your goals. They are a tool to help focus your energy and intention towards manifestation, but it’s up to you to put in the work to make your desires a reality.

    Lastly, be mindful of the potential consequences of your actions and intentions. Always consider the impact they may have on yourself and others, and use bind runes only for positive and ethical purposes.

    Order a Custom Bind Rune

    For many years, I have been studying the power of ancient runes and now I’m offering my services to help you achieve your goals. I can create a custom bind rune for you, tailored to your individual needs.

    The process begins with a consultation via email, where I’ll select the runes that best represent your objectives. Once the design is complete, I’ll provide you with a digital image file and a PDF document that explains the meaning of your symbol. With my help, you can unlock the potential of these ancient rune symbols to manifest your desired results.

    Contact me for more info.

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